Your One Point Of Access

Private Client Insurance Designers* is a

well-established, industry leading brokerage

firm specializing primarily in risk-managment

products. Focused on the goals of

satisfying our clients and associated

representatives, Private Client Inusrance

Designers is committed to customer service

and quality workmanship and our staff is

the most knowledgeable and skilled in the


At Private Client Insurance Designers we

view ourselves as the architects of your

clients' financial futures. We present them

with a blueprint for attaining their goals, lay

a solid foundation built from tailor-made

products from the world's leading insurance

carriers, and buttress their financial

structure with comprehensive and

well-informed advice and direction, efficient

clearing and processing of their business,

and an unmatched level of customer care

and support.

Private Client Insurance Designers

representatives enjoy one of the industry's

most competitive payout structures and can

always count on our skilled back-office staff

to quickly and smoothly handle any of their

new or existing clients. We utilize the most

up-to-date technology to help keep our

representatives informed of their clients'

needs and priorities and our emphasis on

continuing education ensures that all of our

staff and associated representatives have

access to any information on innovations

and new developments in the insurance


Please take a moment to peruse the

information and resources available on our

site and see why Private Client Insurance

Designers is the one point of access for top

producers nationwide.