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Private Client Insurance Designers (PCID) is an exclusive collaboration of combined resources and talent available only to associates of Private Clients Services, LLC. 

This is the first in a series of monthly newsletters designed to deliver news and information providing unique Wealth Transfer and Wealth Building Strategies you can put to use in your practice immediately.


Featured Article

It's been a month since the PCS conference and just in case you missed it...

Private Client Insurance Designers debuted at Private Client Services, LLC Conference (as featured in news publications nationwide)

Private Client Insurance Designers (PCID) made its début at the Private Client Services, LLC* Advisors' Conference last week, June 15 - 17 2011, featured at the Marriott downtown convention center in Louisville, Kentucky.

Judging from the overwhelmingly positive response from attendees interviewed at the conference, Private Client Services can claim the event to be a huge Success!

Advisors attending meetings agreed that the conference was both educational and inspirationally rewarding.

Collaborating with guest speakers from both John Hancock and MetLife companies, Private Client Insurance Designers (PCID) proprietors, Fredda Elzweig, briefed advisors on important industry trends and demonstrated that, together, the combined resources and talent offered on their shared platform presented advisers and their clients with some of the most unique Wealth Transfer Solutions and Wealth Building Strategies available in the financial services community today.

Private Client Insurance Designers (PCID) is "the planners' choice" for advisors whose needs go beyond the ordinary in case design and the placement of their life insurance sales. Their expertise and experience make them much sought after by independent advisors and insurance professionals around the country.

Many accountants, attorneys, and bankers call on Private Client Insurance Designers (PCID) for advice on behalf of their clients, in addition to engaging the company to help them manage their own affairs.

Private Client Insurance Designs (PCID) is a Crystal Wealth Management, Inc. company and a proud member of the U.S. Planning Group (NY) family of companies located at 450 Seventh Avenue, #2600 New York, NY 10123.

 Call Toll Free 1-888-747-4402 or Direct 212-660-7401 to find out more.

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Fredda Elzweig

Private Client Insurance Designers (PCID)



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The underwriting process is the most important

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